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Conquer Kitchen Chaos: Secrets to Creating an Organized Kitchen

by Tonia Tomlin

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Conquer Kitchen Chaos: Secrets to Creating an Organized Kitchen Ask any home owner, and they’ll probably tell you that of all of the rooms in the house, the kitchen is the room that is used the most.  Whether for cooking, eating, or even entertaining, most kitchens get more than their fair share of use.  

With the many purposes and functions of the kitchen, it’s important that your kitchen be as organized as possible.  However, with the many items most kitchens hold –food, appliances, cookware, utensils, plates, cups, etc. – it’s not uncommon to find that the most used room in the house is the least organized.

But, take heart by following a few simple tips, you can conquer kitchen chaos.

For instance:

Clear off the counters:  Store kitchen utensils in drawers, not on the counters in a bucket or basket. Eliminating the clutter from the counters makes the kitchen feel more inviting and “orderly.”

Purge the cardboard:  Get rid of your cardboard. It doesn’t keep food as fresh as clear, air-tight plastic containers, or zip-lock bags. Cardboard also attracts bugs. So empty those cereal boxes and other boxed food items. Your food will be easier to find, taste a lot better and save you money in the long run!

Invest in the right organizing tools for cupboards, pantries, and cabinets:  Maximize your storage space in pantries by going vertical with your organizing tools. Put a bag holder on the wall for reusing shopping bags and under-the-shelf baskets to maximize space. Use trolley bins for storing paper goods. They help you know what you have so you can use it.

Give your ‘fridge a makeover: Ever look into your refrigerator and see bags of potatoes, veggies, and fruit? Take out the contents, wash them and put them in clean, see-through air-tight containers or zippered bags. Having everything stored in like containers makes it easier to find what you’re looking for when you’re cooking or making your grocery list.  

Sort your staples, snacks, and supplies:  Most people don’t take the time to organize their refrigerator, but it is well worth the effort. Organizing the refrigerator is a simply way to save time, money, and space. Arrange your shelves in the refrigerator by category, such as dairy drawer, veggie drawer, fruit drawer, children’s snack bin, etc. Also, the refrigerator doors tend to become catch-alls with no method to the madness. Designate the doors for condiments and special items, such as special needs foods for diets, illnesses, weight loss, or medicines, etc. This will help you in making a list, going grocery shopping, saving money and help you have a nice, uncluttered refrigerator too.

Create a de-cluttering schedule:  Ever find moldy cheese or soft veggies? Purge one drawer every week before you do your weekly grocery shopping or at least once a month before you do your monthly purge of the refrigerator. It helps cut down on the clutter in your refrigerator and also helps eliminate odors. One other tip is to keep your refrigerator at 41-degrees. This temperature slows down the growth of mold on your food. Check the temperature each month when doing your monthly purge of the refrigerator, just to make sure it hasn’t been accidentally bumped up.

Once you get your kitchen organized, stick to your organization system.  Remember:  it’s much easier and much less time consuming to stay organized than it is to be disorganized!

Tonia Tomlin is the Founder and President of Sorted Out™ and Sorted Out Publishing. Tonia is an author, publisher, speaker and mother of twin girls. She has been featured on HGTV’s, Mission: Organization, and is the author of the book Chaos 2 Calm: The Moms-of-Multiples’ Guide to an Organized Family. For more information, please email: or visit

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