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Spiritual Fitness: The Road to Your Happy Place

by Rena Reese

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Spiritual Fitness: The Road to Your Happy Place Consider the quantity of time you spend each day caring for your physical body.  Do you exercise, shower, shave, moisturize and exfoliate?  Do you make time to pluck, wax, brush and color?  Now, compare this to the time and energy you put into nurturing your spirit. What would it mean for your soul to be moisturized, hydrated and fed? 

When we become spiritually “out of shape” and spiritually dehydrated, our physical bodies soon follow.  As a result of this, all that we create in the physical world is affected. Your physical-self and spiritual-self count on each other. The spirit that animates the physical body counts on your hearing the unspoken nudges of your spirit and acting on them. The physical body is rewarded with good health and vibrancy when the spirit is heard and honored.

We often live more focused on our physical body and physical world than our spiritual body and our spiritual world.  We hear our body speak louder than we hear our spirit.  The simple pangs of hunger are quickly remedied when we are signaled by our bellies to eat. The stomach ulcers, headaches, illness and depression get our attention just fine too. However, the circumstances our spirit endures which create those very issues are not always perceived as readily.  The illness or ailment is merely the symptom.  It is up to us to name the cause rather than endure, medicate or ignore the warning signs calling attention to our spiritual needs.

When you are spiritually out-of-shape, you are not thriving.  Even if your business is thriving, when you are physically run down, overwhelmed, depressed, merely surviving day-to-day, you are not engaging life as you were meant to.  This will change once you become aware of what is draining your life force, how you can nurture it and how you replenish it. When you keep promises to yourself and make even the smallest choices to support your greatest life and most fit body, hope and optimism become more abundant!

Spiritual fitness can be more of a challenge than physical fitness. It is often easier to exercise and eat properly than to make the choices that your spirit truly craves. Deciding to pack a nutritious lunch and walk for 30 minutes is far easier than ending a toxic relationship or releasing pain from our past. In addition, reframing the limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves takes a willingness to look inward to evaluate what has been given power in that arena.  Finally, these beliefs must be rewritten to support and sustain our new vision using our personal truth as a compass.

Transformative Spiritual Fitness Questions to Consider:
  • Is there someone you need to forgive?
  • Is there a relationship you want to heal?
  • Is there a relationship you want to let go of?  
  • Is there an addiction you want to get control of?  
  • Do you feel as though you are living your purpose?
  • How is fear driving the choices you make in your life?
  • What have you been refusing to allow into your life?
  • Is there something you have allowed into your life that you want to be free from?
  • Do you feel regret for anything from your early childhood right up to five minutes ago that you wish to release?  
  • Do you need to know you have been forgiven for something?
  • Are you showing the world your “true” self and your authentic feelings? What part of you is kept secret?  What would happen if you showed others that “real” part of you?
  • If keeping up appearances no longer mattered, what would you choose to do differently?

Emancipate your spirit
. Create a healthier body and a life that is totally aligned with your values and life purpose.  Build your reserve of personal power, manifest your wildest dreams and be of service to the world!  Your spirit is not only ready for it; it is craving it!  You did not miss the boat.  It is NOT too late.  There are many paths that lead to your happy place, even if you take several detours along the way.  You may have chosen the long route to your place of joy but the road to true spiritual fitness is clear and marked, “Turn here!”

Rena Reese, MS is an author, speaker and radio host, as well as founder of Soul Salon International. With a Masters degree in counseling from Johns Hopkins University and Life Coach Training from the Coaches Training Institute, Rena also teaches at the Mindfulness Center in Bethesda, MD. In her latest book, The Soul Salon, readers enjoy what would equate to a year of personal life coaching as they learn about the path to awakening & bliss, living in alignment and enjoying a life of purpose. For more information about her books or speaking, please visit

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