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Affluent Magazine Dec 2008

Dec 2008


Still Cold Calling? You're Doomed

by Landy Chase

Still Cold Calling? You're Doomed Most salespeople still seem to think that the only way to find new business is through that tried-but-true technique known as "cold calling." For those of you who need to be enlightened, this involves getting a list of people who have never met you, know nothing about you or your company, want to know nothing about you and your company, and are not expecting a call from you and your company. As I understand it, your objective with these "prospects" is to interrupt their day with an out-of-the-blue phone call and try to persuade them, based on some clever "pitch," to give you an appointment. Read More

The Power of Becoming Honest

by Jennifer Read Hawthorne

The Power of Becoming Honest  Most of us think of ourselves as honest if we don’t steal, cheat or wrong others. And yet, the ability to be honest with ourselves often gets pushed aside because (a) we’re too busy taking care of others to pay attention to our own feelings, and (b) we’ve been trained to believe that it’s selfish to do so. The results, however, can be devastating. Read More

Authentic & Luxurious: Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa

by Madison Freeman

Authentic & Luxurious: Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa A favorite destination of discerning travelers, the islands of Bora Bora have long attracted visitors in search of the world’s most luxurious and private accommodations, majestic views and, according to author James Michener, “the most beautiful lagoon in the world.” When the Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa, A Luxury Collection Resort, opened in October, 2002, it single-handedly raised the bar on luxury resort accommodations in French Polynesia. Read More

End of Year Tax Advice

by Robin S. Davis, CFP

End of Year Tax Advice As you continue to follow the basic rules of investing by following a disciplined investment process and staying invested, you may find yourself very dizzy while riding the rollercoaster of life; life affected by Federal Reserve decisions made for your own good, CEO bonuses and golden parachutes, and corruption on Wall Street.  You may be feeling disbelief as you scratch your head wondering “what happened” and “how did I not see this turmoil in the financial markets coming”.  What is a person to do? Read More

Horses- Companions for Life

by Stacy Segal

Horses- Companions for Life It’s a scene that plays out again and again in riding stables and backyard barns across the country. A child begs her parents for riding lessons, and then eventually for a pony of her own. The parents give in to the child’s pleading and suddenly they are charged with caring for a large, complicated animal who requires regular care from numerous professionals—farriers, veterinarians and trainers—and who requires large amounts of land, food and water to thrive. Read More

Gourmet Gifts for the Palate

by Tony Conway, CMP

Gourmet Gifts for the Palate Admit it. Your friends have class. They eat at the finest restaurants. They know the difference between a tenderloin and a tartare, a Merlot and a Bordeaux, and a trotter and a truffle. If one of more of your friends drives a late model Aston Martin, there’s no need to apologize. Having friends with impeccable taste doesn’t mean you’re a snob—it just means you need to get busy. Read More

Dismissed Before You Open Your Mouth?

by Sandy Dumont

Dismissed Before You Open Your Mouth? At networking events, do people gravitate toward you or pass you by? Do you get your foot in the door easily or do you regularly have appointments cancelled? When you have an appointment with someone, do you sometimes get stood up? Being dismissed by others or treated as if you were inconsequential can damage self esteem. Read More

Going Once, Going Twice… Wine Auctions

by Brian Freedman

Going Once, Going Twice… Wine Auctions This past September Hart Davis Hart, the highly regarded wine auction house, kicked off a major autumn auction in dramatic fashion: They held a dinner at Chicago’s Charlie Trotter restaurant that featured 20 vintages of Chateau Lafite Rothschild. And while $5,000 for a seat might seem like a lot of money, consider, for a moment, the nature of the experience itself. Read More

Is There an Inauguration in Your Future?

by Leslie G. Ungar

Is There an Inauguration in Your Future? An inauguration has been defined as a ceremony whereby an individual assumes an office or position of authority or power. Is there an office or a position that you aspire to hold? If we look at the word inauguration as the formal beginning or initiation of any movement or course of action, then we all have inaugurations to look forward to in our own lives. Read More

Streaking for the Soul

by Rena Reese

Streaking for the Soul The word streaking has a way of titillating us. The fun, the fear and the freedom associated with this act is what lands streaking on the to-do list of countless people every year.  There is an aliveness that this act fosters that connects us to our physical body and our senses. There is a spiritual counterpart to this aliveness, it is called a high vibration and it lives in every one of our cells.  When we are happy, content with our choices and fully engaged in life we elevate our vibration. As a result we contribute our positive energy to the world and are better able to handle what comes up in life. Read More
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