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Affluent Magazine April / May 2009

April / May 2009


Hidden Pond

by Madison Freeman

Hidden Pond It’s only a few hours by car or air to this resort that opened last summer on the Maine coast. With precisely your summer vacation wish list front of mind, Tim Harrington and Juan Urtubey designed Hidden Pond on the far side of Kennebunkport’s blue blood encampment to encapsulate what they call “flip flop chic.”  Read More

Rome Cavaleri

by Madison Freeman

Rome Cavaleri Any premium hotel can offer the finest amenities, perfectly outfitted guestrooms and white-glove service. But, only a handful of hotels can complement these services with experiences that tap into the local culture and society to create a truly memorable vacation. Read More

Talbott Hotel

by Madison Freeman

Talbott Hotel In an area that has become overrun by a sea of large chain hotels, the family-owned Talbott Hotel on Chicago’s Gold Coast stands out as a breath of fresh air. The 149-room luxury boutique hotel sits just one block from famed Michigan Avenue in the heart of Chicago’s best offerings, from world-class shopping and entertainment to the award-winning restaurants of Rush Street. Read More

Rimrock Resort Hotel

by Madison Freeman

Rimrock Resort Hotel A destination so accommodating it encapsulates the needs of the most diverse traveler is closer to home than one might think. Alberta, Canada boasts some of the most breathtaking sites in North America. Read More

Unsung Superfoods

by Tony Conway, CMP

Unsung Superfoods We all know that broccoli is good for you and that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. We know that blueberries are chockfull of antioxidants and that eating wild salmon supplies you with enough energy to swim upstream—but what about sardines, capers, and coffee? Read More

Beauty Sonoma Style

by Mary Jo Matsumoto

Beauty Sonoma Style Nothing conjures the epicurean lifestyle more than Northern California's Wine Country. This month I have some beautiful places to share with you that will appeal not only to spa-lovers, but to anyone who loves travel, luxurious villas, wine and yes, even business! Read More

Amarone’s Time to Shine

by Brian Freedman

Amarone’s Time to Shine Amarone, despite the drama inherent in its style and often instant popularity with nearly everyone who tastes it, is too often overlooked when the subject of great wines of the world comes up. Or, if not overlooked, then at least not spoken of in the same reverential tones that are used for the other prestigious wines of Italy—Barolo, Barbaresco, Brunello, and the like. Read More

Growing Your Courage

by Jennifer Read Hawthorne

Growing Your Courage A “life partner” suddenly decides to move on. A family member is diagnosed with cancer. Someone close dies, and we don’t know how we’ll manage life without her. Our youngest child is suddenly ready to leave home, and the joy of seeing her happy about beginning her own life is accompanied by a sense of great loss. In times like these, we may have to “grow” our courage by reaching out to others. Read More

The Meal Can Seal The Deal

by Joy Weaver

The Meal Can Seal The Deal More business deals are lost in social settings than have ever been lost in the boardroom, and most likely, the business social setting is at the dining table. That is why it is extremely importance to be able to confidence and comfortable at the dining table as well as at the boardroom table. Read More

A Farewell to Arms

by Leslie G. Ungar

A Farewell to Arms What’s a person to do? Speakers are schizophrenic. On one hand, the goal is to be remembered. On the other hand, a speaker does not want to be remembered for just one thing. You have the same challenge whenever you address an audience of one, one hundred, or one thousand. Read More
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