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Affluent Magazine June / July 2009

June / July 2009


Financial Life Lessons

by Julie Murphy Casserly

Not long after I started my financial planning firm in 1995, I discovered something that was never taught to me in business school.  It’s the notion that every person has their own unique and personal relationship with money.  I consistently saw how my clients’ emotions were responsible for how they made money, how they kept it, or conversely, how they accumulated debt. Read More

A Premier North Dallas Address, Enchanted Hill, Offers Estate Homesites, Luxury Homes & Gated Privacy

by Affluent Magazine

A Premier North Dallas Address, Enchanted Hill, Offers Estate Homesites, Luxury Homes & Gated Privacy Formal gardens reminiscent of a European palace, majestic hilltop views of lakes and the golf course, and homes fit for royalty are what set Enchanted Hill apart. This gated custom home community is comprised of 100 estate-sized home sites, which average in price around $300,000 with homes from $1.4 million. Located within the DFW metroplex’s stunning award-winning golf course community of Castle Hills, Enchanted Hill is an oasis of privacy, lush gardens and regal surroundings.
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Cloister Ocean Residences at Sea Island

by Affluent Magazine

Cloister Ocean Residences at Sea Island The Cloister Ocean Residences are situated on the private Sea Island oceanfront – a shoreline that runs well beyond five miles, offering solitude like few places on earth on land that has been maintained and protected for more than 80 years. Sea Island has long been known for its uncomplicated privacy and easy-going, elegant lifestyle that transcends typical resort experiences and real estate offerings. Read More

Emile Henry Presents FlameTop in Azure- A Rich Mediterranean Blue

by Affluent Magazine

Emile Henry Presents FlameTop in Azure- A Rich Mediterranean Blue Emile Henry presents a Flame-Top roaster, stewpots and a brazier in Azure, a rich Mediterranean blue that beautifully compliments the Emile Henry Flame-Top Figue color. Flame-Top cookware is available in black, red, green, figue and now azure. Read More

The Aardvark Principle

by Stephen R. Balzac

In any business, information can be thought of as the organizational equivalent of nerve impulses. Information about the state of the company, the state of the economy, the marketplace, how different parts of the company are functioning, and so forth, is critical to effective decision making. Read More

How to Use PR to Promote Your Company or Brand

by Elizabeth Robinson

As budgets continue to shrink and the economy remains stagnated, it is easy to forget that promoting your own brand and services is a critical component of a successful and well-managed business. In order to boost the profile of your business and obtain new business leads, you do not need to hire a big, bureaucratic public relations (PR) agency and incur massive monthly costs to solidify your reputation in the marketplace, you just need to follow a few key steps. Read More

Jobseekers Must Hone A Leadership Presence

by Amy Castoro

In today’s job market, with few opportunities and boundless numbers of highly qualified candidates, we are all looking for the competitive edge. It turns out that we are walking around in our competitive edge. Hiring authorities are looking for people they can trust to get the job done, who can stay balanced in times of chaos, and who can mobilize others toward a common cause. These qualities are observable through our presence or physical shape as indicated by the tilt of our head, the pitch of our torso, the cadence of our voice. Read More

Breaking Bad News in Troubled Times

by Peter Whalen

How and when do you talk about bad news?  That’s a question that a lot of CEOs and business owners are thinking about.  This recession’s impact on sales, profits, and financial stability can range from a little belt-tightening all the way to looking at bankruptcy.  The more severe the problem, the sharper the instinct to not let anyone know about it.  Unfortunately, that instinct is usually wrong.  The most severe problems require the greatest attention to communications.
Read More

The Circle of Growth: It Starts With Employees

by Paul Spiegelman

In today’s difficult business environment, finding and keeping new customers has never been more important. Most successful entrepreneurs have heard and swear by the old adage, “the customer is king,” but in my view, that’s only half the equation—the real power behind the throne is your workforce. Read More

Business Law: Planning For the Unplanned- Are you prepared?

by Jan Matthew Tamanini

You’ve nurtured your business from a small startup to become a success in your field. Then, without warning, your world implodes taking you from being a success to losing everything virtually overnight. Taking time to consider what you’d want to happen in crisis situations before they occur – planning for the unplanned – can assure you and others involved that your business will continue to run as smoothly as possible. Read More
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