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Affluent Magazine Aug / Sept 2009

Aug / Sept 2009


Air Travel Etiquette with Children

by Joy Weaver

Air Travel Etiquette with Children Whether it is a vacation or unexpected travel plans, flying with your children can be a pleasant experience or miserable for everyone involved. Planning and preparing are determining success factors, and along with it remember; your children are watching you! Your travel manners and behavior are powerful examples for your children. Best advice- Sit down with your children before you leave home and prepare them for the flight process. Explain step-by-step what to expect at the airport, on the plane, and give exact instructions on how to behave … and you must follow the same rules! Read More

A World-Class Wine Culture

by Brian Freedman

A World-Class Wine Culture I have been a fan of Austrian wines for some time now. Last year, in fact, I reported on the reds of Austria in these pages, and found their overall quality to be exceptionally high. And while, at the time, I knew that I would write about the country’s whites sometime this year, I had no idea it would end up being based on the single most eye-opening wine trip I’ve ever taken. This past June, I had the opportunity to explore Austrian wine country as a participant in Wine Summit 2009, a once-every-other-year excursion for members of the wine press and trade that is hosted by the fantastic Austrian Wine Marketing Board. Read More

Here's A Tip: Don't Try Poaching in California

by Catherine Hess

Here's A Tip: Don't Try Poaching in California Shelter dogs and wildlife? The Humane Society of the United States and the California Department of Fish and Game? These seemingly odd couples matched up nicely through Cal-TIP, the "California Turn In Poachers" program. Cal-TIP operates a tip line where citizens may leave anonymous tips about suspected poaching. Officers following up on the tips often use dogs to help them locate the tell-tale carcasses or body parts left behind by illegal hunters. This branch of state law enforcement faces some tough problems. Drastic budget shortfalls in California threaten Fish and Game along with other state services, while poaching remained as serious a problem as ever--or worse. Read More

Cobblers Cove: Unforgettable Elegance… Limitless Calm

by Madison Freeman

Cobblers Cove: Unforgettable Elegance… Limitless Calm Nestled in the private and tranquil cove of Barbados’ Platinum Coast, Cobblers Cove is home to 40 luxury suites that overlook a quarter-mile crescent of white sand beach, tropical fragrant gardens and the sparkling Caribbean Sea. Blending the charm and elegance of an English Country style house with the exotic beauty of Barbados, Cobblers Cove offers guests a tranquil and luxurious experience, unequaled in the Caribbean. Award-winning cuisine, impeccable service and an ambiance of relaxed refinement distinguish this extraordinary Relais & Chateaux property. Read More

Lorien Hotel & Spa: A World of Dreams in Old Town Alexandria

by Madison Freeman

Lorien Hotel & Spa: A World of Dreams in Old Town Alexandria Old Town Alexandria, Virginia is commanding attention and generating buzz in the travel industry with a growing selection of exceptional hotels, restaurants and eclectic boutiques.  One of the most recent headliners of this town is Kimpton’s Lorien Hotel & Spa. Set back on historic King Street, the property’s coral-hued brick façade blends seamlessly with the charming street’s array of boutiques and fine art galleries.  The urban retreat, considered Kimpton’s crown jewel in the region, is perfect for a weekend getaway, intimate wedding, or infusing leisure time into a business trip. Read More

Winvian Specializes in Making Magic Happen: Chic and All-Inclusive in Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills

by Madison Freeman

Winvian Specializes in Making Magic Happen: Chic and All-Inclusive in Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills Winvian, luxury laden and whimsical, is a mystical resort that opened in June 2007 in Connecticut’s rolling Litchfield Hills, two hours north by car from that concentration of wealth and power known as Manhattan. Winvian is a far cry from the likes of yesteryear’s grande dame hotels, yet it’s geared to accommodate today’s well-heeled as Gilded Age establishments did then. But here are some fundamental differences between then and now. At the turn of the last century, railroad and banking barons longed to emulate the lifestyles of titled Europeans. Read More

How to Host a Scotch Tasting

by Tony Conway, CMP

How to Host a Scotch Tasting When Scottish literary critic and scholar David Daiches wrote, “The proper drinking of Scotch whisky is more than indulgence; it is a toast to civilization”—he was well-aware of the intoxicating effect that drinking Scotch whisky produced on anyone fortunate enough to be holding a tulip-shaped “nosing glass.”  Since hosting a Scotch tasting is a multi-sensory, and yes, even educational event, there are a number of facts to consider during your planning process. Read More

A Golden Anniversary Tour of the World’s Largest Boat Show October 29 – November 2, 2009

by Affluent Magazine

A Golden Anniversary Tour of the World’s Largest Boat Show October 29 – November 2, 2009 There has never been a better time to enjoy boating.  And there has never been a better place to fulfill your marine dreams.  Celebrate the 50th Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show®, October 29-November 2, 2009, where you will find the world’s finest selection of marine products offered for all budgets. Over $3 billion worth of boats, yachts, superyachts, electronics and accessories will cover more than three million square feet of exhibit space on land and in water throughout six different sites. Read More

Small Business Owners – Ways You Can Embrace Retirement in a Bear Market!

by Mark Fissel

Most small business owners are faced with the same retirement dilemma. Naturally, you can see that liquidity and preservation of capital are the common issues that group small business owners together. As a small business owner, I have spent additional time and resources responding to this dilemma. Here are three techniques you can use when preparing for retirement in small business. Read More

Why is Apology So Difficult?

by John Kador

Apology is the bravest gesture we can make to the unknown. If you think about it, the unknown is exactly what we enter whenever we apologize. Offering an apology is like tossing a lit firecracker and hoping it’ll be caught and maybe—just maybe—will become, through the gentle power of acceptance, an instrument of healing. Read More
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