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Affluent Magazine Aug / Sept 2009

Aug / Sept 2009


The Yankee Swap Rorschach

by Stephen Balzac

The holidays are the season for Yankee Swaps. Now, a Yankee Swap would seem to be a fairly simple and straightforward activity: each person either chooses a wrapped gift or steals an opened gift from someone else. This latter activity can, of course, trigger a chain reaction, but that’s part of the fun. At the end, everyone feels like they had at least some measure of control over the outcome. One would think it difficult, if not impossible, to mess up a Yankee Swap. Read More

Innovating Every Day

by Holly G. Green

Innovating Every Day Who doesn't recognize the need to constantly innovate today?  After all, just look around at all that is new in our world in the past few years.  Are you twittering?  1 million+ others are. Do you have a product or service video up on YouTube?  25 million+ people do.  And are you LinkedIn or participating in SecondLife?  These are just a few of the new social media innovations that are dramatically changing how people connect and get work done.  Now think about other areas that are changing just as rapidly: technology, diversity, competition, products, etc.  It can be a bit mind boggling and certainly intimidating to ponder how to keep up these days. Read More

Biggest Traps to Avoid When You Speak

by Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE

Biggest Traps to Avoid When You Speak The executive gets up to speak. Everyone there needs to hear what he has to say about the company but within ten minutes, they are either hopelessly confused or falling asleep. What is he doing wrong? Whenever you open your mouth, whether your audience is one person or a thousand, you want to get a specific message across. Maybe you want your opinions heard at meetings, or perhaps you are giving a formal presentation, internally or externally. Possibly your sales team needs to improve its customer communication, or you're in a position to help your CEO design an important speech. Read More

Keys to Overcome Your Fear of Follow Up

by Judy Garmaise

Keys to Overcome Your Fear of Follow Up The truth is clear: the majority of salespeople don't take follow up seriously. After talking with a prospect they leave one follow up voicemail or send one e-mail, and that's it. A small minority will take it a step further and call or e-mail one additional time, but hearing that someone followed up three, four, five, six, or even seven times is rare. However, that's exactly how many times you must follow up to get someone's attention. That's right, seven follow ups are critical if you want to be successful. Be honest now … how many follow up attempts do you regularly make? Read More

Lead through Adversity: How to Succeed in Today's Economy - Guaranteed!

by Joe Calhoon

Lead through Adversity: How to Succeed in Today's Economy - Guaranteed! What adversity are you facing? Your ability to handle this adversity is one of the most robust predictors of your personal growth, future contributions and happiness in life. Organizations that develop their capacity to handle adversity improve morale, performance and profitability.  Blaming, whining and complaining are symptoms of individuals and organizations beaten down by adversity. Every individual and every organization has a unique purpose, a mountain to climb, a contribution to make. There are three ways to deal with your personal and organizational mountains. You can climb, camp or quit. Read More

Understanding Haircolor Terminology

by Dino Laudati

Understanding Haircolor Terminology When speaking to your stylist, you'll notice a few keywords come up often but what do they mean? Here is a list of common hair coloring terms you should know if you color your hair. By learning what hair color terms mean, you'll have a greater understanding what your stylist is telling you, how hair color works and how to describe what hair color you want. Read More

Web 2.0- What’s an Employer to Do?

by Michael R. Overly

Pardon the rhyme, but what should employers be doing to address use of Web 2.0 in the workplace?  There are essentially two types of risks presented by Web 2.0.  The first relates to the far broader range of content available to employees in using Web 2.0.  The second arises out of the headlong rush of many businesses into “cloud computing.”  Let’s take these one at a time. Read More

Lessons Learned: Retirement Planning

by Howard Hook

As we work our way through this current recession, it is clear that it has affected a broad section of investors. Stock investors and bond investors have seen declines in the value of their investments. Even cash investors have seen yields on their cash investments drop to practically zero and have had their implied guarantee of principal called into question. Read More

Don’t Chase Unprofitable Customers

by Robert Gordman

Companies spend billions of dollars each year chasing down, acquiring, and trying to serve customers who don’t make a contribution to the bottom line. So it’s critical that you only go after people who will provide increased sales and profits—your company’s Core and Must-Have Customers. Core Customers are your company’s biggest fans. Read More

A Process Based Guide to More Successful Negotiated Outcomes

by Andrew Apfelberg and Mark Jaffe

Recently, a colleague’s son came home from his first day at high school and told his parents that his entire freshman class needed to buy a yellow T-shirt from Abercrombie & Fitch. While they wanted to help their son fit in at his new school, the parents did not want to spend $30 on a T-shirt. After further questioning, they discovered that what he really needed was any T-shirt, as long as it was his freshman class color of yellow. Read More
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