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Affluent Magazine Oct / Nov 2009

Oct / Nov 2009


Extreme Garage Makeover : How to Organize Your Garage Once and for All

by Tonia Tomlin

Extreme Garage Makeover : How to Organize Your Garage Once and for All Is your garage filled with items you don’t need—or worse yet, useless, impractical items you’re hanging onto thinking that you might need them some day?  If so, you are not alone. For many, the garage—though technically a place to keep automobiles protected from the elements—has become more of a catch-all space for items such as bikes, toys, trash cans, tools, garden machines, etc. Read More

How to Choose, Work With (and Control) Attorneys and Other Outside Professionals

by Steven E. Peden

It’s an old and all-too-common story. Speak to a business owner or entrepreneur about a legal problem they are having, and the complaints start. “My attorney bills me for breathing.” “Whenever I ask my attorney to explain what’s happening on my case, I end up knowing less than I did before I asked him.” Typical complaints include excessive and confusing bills, unclear explanations about pending matters and status, inaccurate cost estimates, lack of responsiveness and my favorite, negativity: “My attorney never tells me what I can do; only what I can’t do.” Read More

Finding True North When Things Seem To Be Going South

by Robert Goshen

Finding True North When Things Seem To Be Going South Whether you are in Houston, TX or Moscow, Russia, the business world has changed.  While the economy may trend up and down, change is a factor that stays consistent.  Even if your business is currently suffering, when it returns to the good times, the industry will not be like it was during the last period of prosperity.  No one likes change, but everyone must deal with it. Read More

How Leaders Earn Brand-Loyalty for Life

by Brenda Bence

How Leaders Earn Brand-Loyalty for Life All you have to do is look around you to know that brands are powerful. In fact, most people are so loyal to certain brands that they stick with them for life. If brand-name products can evoke that kind of loyalty, why can't people? Well, they can! The truth is that we all have a personal brand whether we like it or not. Simply by being ourselves in the work place, others perceive, think, and feel about us in a certain way. The question is whether we have created the personal brand we want. Read More

Tips for Selling More in a Tough Economy

by John Chapin

Tips for Selling More in a Tough Economy You hear it everywhere you go: "Sales are down because of the economy. My customers simply aren't buying as much." There are some people out there saying the economy doesn't matter, it's what's going on in your own head that matters. While it's true that what goes on in your brain is always more important than outside circumstances, the economy is still what's affecting many businesses. If yours is one of them, put the following seven ideas into practice and you'll find that the affect on you will be minimal, and in fact, you may notice no change or even a positive one. Read More

Don’t Chase Unprofitable Customers

by Robert Gordman

Don’t Chase Unprofitable Customers Companies spend billions of dollars each year chasing down, acquiring, and trying to serve customers who don’t make a contribution to the bottom line. So it’s critical that you only go after people who will provide increased sales and profits—your company’s Core and Must-Have Customers. Read More

Identity Theft Isn’t Just a Personal Risk: Are you protecting your clients too?

by Jorge Rey

Enough already!  It seems like the issues of information security and protecting yourself against the risks of identity theft have been discussed to the point of overkill already.  No one can blame you for tuning out every commercial about identity theft or changing the channel when those jingles about checking your credit report come on.  Many people often overlook this topic as they think it would never happen to them.  Worse, those who own or operate businesses may take the necessary steps to protect themselves but neglect their employees or customers. Read More

Treasure Coast’s Crown Jewel, The Medalist Country Club Estates & Spa

by Affluent Magazine

Treasure Coast’s Crown Jewel, The Medalist Country Club Estates & Spa Premier homebuilder, Zuckerman Homes of the Treasure Coast, is presenting buyers at The Medalist with a very limited edition of legendary living, featuring luxury golf course estate homes on homesites with preserve, lake and golf views. Two model homes at The Medalist are open to tour. Zuckerman Homes is offering six dramatic floor plans. Homes range in size from 3,172 to 6,100 air-conditioned square feet. Buyers can select from oversized  ¼ acre to  ½ acre homesites with preserve, lake and golf views. Read More

The Art of Timber Framing

by Affluent Magazine

The Art of Timber Framing When someone mentions “timber framing” the usual response is, “Oh, you mean log homes”.  But the two building styles are very different. The basic building technique called “timber frame construction” dates back to between 500 and 200 BC and is made up of a basic joining method called mortise and tenon. This joinery method was refined over the centuries in medieval Japan and Europe. The heavy square beams and strong joinery allowed for much larger and wider open spaces within a structure and the buildings stood for hundreds and hundreds of years. Read More

Jan Leslie, Whimsical Cufflinks

by Affluent Magazine

Jan Leslie, Whimsical Cufflinks Jan Leslie, the New York based men’s accessory designer renowned for her fresh take on the classics, presents a line of cufflinks that allow men to express their inner personality.  Whether they are a car aficionado or a nature enthusiast , Jan Leslie cufflinks allow a man to take his hobbies along with him no matter the destination. Read More
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