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Affluent Magazine Jan / Feb 2010

Jan / Feb 2010


CONSERVE® Plus Total Hip Resurfacing System for Active Lifestyle Receives FDA Approval

by Dr. Harlan Amstutz

The world’s most successful hip resurfacing, the Conserve® Plus, is now FDA approved in the USA.  This is good news for aging “baby boomers” and others looking for ways to maintain their active lifestyles and still have a long term success with a hip replacement.  The Conserve® Plus device, manufactured by Wright Medical, is the culmination of my 30 years of research in resurfacing. Read More

New Cabernets to Clamor For

by Brian Freedman

New Cabernets to Clamor For California is studded with vineyards whose names are enough to send fans of their wines into paroxysms of joy at the mere mention of them. To Kalon. Dr. Crane. Garys’ Vineyard. Bien Nacido. Durrell. Each of these represents a unique plot of land, a specific and often idiosyncratic source of some of the most interesting wines produced in America. Read More

Fashion and Status

by Sandy Dumont

Fashion and Status Your appearance announces the outcome other people can expect from you. Fashion is a powerful form of non-verbal communication that conveys more information than words can ever convey. Besides, words can be false or an exaggeration. Like body language, image gives powerful information that is extremely useful. Read More

Humane Society International Liberates Nearly 100 Canadian Sled Dogs from Lives on Chains

by Rebecca Aldworth

Humane Society International Liberates Nearly 100 Canadian Sled Dogs from Lives on Chains Over the years, I’ve witnessed a lot of animal suffering. But the images from our rescue of nearly 100 neglected sled dogs in rural Quebec will stay with me for a long time. The local SPCA had received tips several weeks earlier about a large group of huskies chained up in the woods, without adequate food and water. Read More

Etiquette Rules for Social Networking

by Joy Weaver

Etiquette Rules for Social Networking Research indicates that over 51% of online users have joined a social network, while 73% are consuming some form of social content on a regular basis. There are hundreds of social networking sites but currently the most widely used by adults are Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It is up to you to determine why you want to join, and how you will use the website effectively. Do you want to use it personally or professionally? Read More

Small Steps, Giant Gains in Happiness

by Debbie Mandel, MA

Small Steps, Giant Gains in Happiness Could this be you – rushing from activity to activity, and living for the future (what’s next on the to-do list or worrying about what will happen later)? Do you always escape, venturing outward because you are an important person who defines the self based on performance?  Do you fear your own quiet company the most? Most likely you are overwhelmed by stress and feel de-stabilized. Read More

For the Love of Coconut

by Tony Conway, CMP

For the Love of Coconut The coconut tree has been called the 'tree of life' because of its multifarious uses- the leaves for matting, weaving, and hatching; the fibrous husks for making rope; the oil for soap, shampoo, and cosmetics; and, of course, the edible part of the coconut for ingredients in countless sweet and savory recipes. Read More

Diet Food vs. Real Food

by Susan Burke March, MS, RD, LD/N, CDE

Diet Food vs. Real Food One of the quickest ways to feel deprived is to give up all of your favorite foods, but if you’ve been struggling with your weight, it is time to think about words. I used to think of “diet” as a verb, as something I had to “go on” to conquer overweight, and for the longest time, I went “on a diet” every Monday. With the best intentions, I’d buy all the foods on the plan and would be “good” for a day or two, maybe three. Read More

D3 Research and Design: Improving Performance and Styling for GM Automobiles

by Matthew Harber

D3 Research and Design: Improving Performance and Styling for GM Automobiles Contrary to popular belief, Detroit is still producing cars that have class and power. Cadillac’s XLR-V comes loaded with power and luxury, but has plenty of room for improvement. This is where D3 Cadillac steps in. D3 Cadillac is a division of D3 Research and Design that has made a commitment to specifically tune Cadillac’s celebrated lineup. Read More

STRUT Introduces Bentley Continental GT Speed Collection

by Affluent Magazine

STRUT Introduces Bentley Continental GT Speed Collection STRUT has announced the availability of a new stainless steel jewelry collection designed exclusively for the Bentley Continental GT Speed—model years 2008-2010.  The jewelry-grade stainless steel collection features a primary grille with polished surround with a diamond woven mesh insert. Read More
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