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Affluent Magazine May / June 2010

May / June 2010


These Ambulance Drivers Answer Calls from the Wild

by Julie Hauserman

These Ambulance Drivers Answer Calls from the Wild It isn’t every day that an ambulance driver responds to a call at a schoolyard and ends up wrangling with an agitated, six-foot tall, sharp-clawed emu. John Glushko arrived on the scene, handily caught the exotic ostrich-like bird, took him out of harm’s way, and chalked up another adventure in a most unusual occupation: He’s one of three ambulance drivers for the SPCA Wildlife Care Center in Broward County, now part of The Humane Society of the United States. Read More

Louis XIII Rare Cask by Remy Martin: Already A Legend

by Brian Freedman

Louis XIII Rare Cask by Remy Martin: Already A Legend The wine and spirits world is full of legends, bottles that tower above the more common (or, at the very least, the more commonly available) ones that most of us drink even on special occasions. Even wine lovers who have only recently caught the grape-juice bug are familiar with them: Harlan ’97, Petrus ’89, Romanée-Conti ’85, Cheval Blanc ’47. Read More

Quick Tips to Manage Your Office Chaos

by Tonia Tomlin

Quick Tips to Manage Your Office Chaos We all face the challenges of office clutter whether it’s in the home office or in the work place. Follow some of these seven quick tips and eliminate your office clutter and chaos once and for all. Clients of ours often complain the most about office clutter and how they continue to have so much paper. The truth is we all have too much paper in our lives both, at home and at work. Eighty percent of the paper we have and keep, we never use again.
Read More

Leave the Competition in the Dust

by Sandy Dumont

Leave the Competition in the Dust Competition is fierce these days and small and large firms are closing their doors at a shocking rate. Daryl Rigby of Bain & Company in Boston advises companies on what to do during a downturn. “Think of a company as a race car careening around a track, where recessions are the curves,” he says, “and this is the time you need to be particularly skillful.” Read More

How to Stop Feeling Stuck

by Debbie Mandel, MA

How to Stop Feeling Stuck Feeling stuck? Do you live with a chronic case of self-doubt like if you earned your advanced degree, it couldn’t mean much or that it was far too easy? Ironically, these feelings are experienced by highly successful people. As a result no matter what you accomplish, you feel like you don’t know enough and that you have fooled others into believing that you are competent, in short, an impostor. Read More

Spiritual Secrets to Productivity

by Rena Reese, MS

Spiritual Secrets to Productivity From CEO’s to entrepreneurs and entertainers to parents all over the globe, we are constantly in search of ways to boost productivity. To put it simply, we want to get more done each day.  For some this goal is rooted in the desire for greater abundance while for others productivity is the gate-keeper to recreation. Read More

Socially Savvy Airport Etiquette

by Joy Weaver

Socially Savvy Airport Etiquette There was actually a time when air travel was glamorous, fun, and the airport was a great place for people watching? Not now - those days are gone, while long security lines are now the norm because of the dangerous minds that have invaded our society. At this point, air travel is a challenging necessity to get from one destination to another quickly – unless you are fortunate enough to travel on a private plane. Read More

Detox Diets: Safe or Shaky?

by Susan Burke March, MS, RD, LD/N, CDE

Detox Diets: Safe or Shaky? Have you been burning the candle at both ends?  Eating junk food…drinking too much (alcohol, juice, soda?), and not exercising?  You may think it’s time for a change; you want to “detox” from all your indulgences, and feel better. I just typed “detox diets” into my web browser, and was surprised to see ...
Read More

Kingsmill Resort & Spa: Your Kingdom Awaits

by Madison Freeman

Kingsmill Resort & Spa: Your Kingdom Awaits This is the place where champions unite. Where relaxation rules the day and luxurious amenities reign supreme. Steeped in a tradition of gracious Southern hospitality and situated on 2,900 stunning acres overlooking the historic James River in Williamsburg, Virginia, Kingsmill Resort & Spa boasts world-class accommodations, championship golf courses, exquisite dining and a luxurious, rejuvenating spa. Read More

The Hay-Adams Hotel: Where Nothing Is Overlooked But the White House

by Madison Freeman

The Hay-Adams Hotel: Where Nothing Is Overlooked But the White House Located in Lafayette Square across from the White House, The Hay-Adams is one of Washington D.C.'s most revered landmarks. This classic hotel is named after the distinguished residents who previously lived on its site: John Hay, Private Assistant to President Abraham Lincoln and later Secretary of State, and Henry Adams, an acclaimed author and descendant of U.S. Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams. Read More
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