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Affluent Magazine Jan / Feb 2011

Jan / Feb 2011


Argentina: The Next Great Wine-Producing Country

by Brian Freedman

Argentina: The Next Great Wine-Producing Country For all its remarkable success with Malbec, it’s easy to forget that Argentina is a huge country planted to an astoundingly wide--and still often unheralded--range of grape varieties. And while the flagship red has enjoyed well-deserved success all over the world, it is far from the extent of what Argentina has to offer. Read More

Dress Codes Changing

by Sandy Dumont

Dress Codes Changing Employees are dressing more professionally these days, and it’s just in the nick of time in view of the lagging economy. According to a report of the Society of Human Resource Management, the number of companies allowing casual attire is declining. In 1998, the number of companies in the States allowing casual attire in the office reached an all time high of 97 percent. That number has continued to decrease steadily each year. Read More

The Road Well-Traveled: Limousine or Town Car Etiquette

by Joy Weaver

The Road Well-Traveled: Limousine or Town Car Etiquette A limousine or town car is an easy and efficient mode of transportation. Some might need a driver in order to do business while en route, and some might rent a driver so they can ride like a rock star. Whatever the case, I am all for it! Everyone should have a personal chauffeur if it can be afforded. Here are tips to assist you in “the road well traveled!” Read More

Stay in Your Comfort Zone

by Debbie Mandel

Stay in Your Comfort Zone This time of year resolutions run the gamut from the physical to the spiritual. Motivation surges to an all time high, but within a month, seems to fizzle out.  Many self-help gurus advise, “Take a quantum leap; leave your comfort zone if you want to improve yourself or your situation.”  This means taking the path less travelled as Robert Frost poetically instructs. However, taking the path less travelled might actually make you a conformist; by now the phrase is so pervasive that it has become cliché. Read More

Stay On the Healthy Track with Great Snack Strategies

by Susan Burke March

Stay On the Healthy Track with Great Snack Strategies If you’re like most, you spend a good chunk of your eating hours away from home, at work, or at school, which can be a disaster for your diet, especially when 3 PM rolls around, and you find yourself famished, staring at the vending machine stocked with high-calorie sodas, chips and candy bars.  Read More

New Year New YOU! Get Organized Once and For All

by Tonia Tomlin

New Year New YOU! Get Organized Once and For All Tips to organize your home office, closets, and create a home communications command center. Read More

The Line Between Ordinary and Extraordinary

by Rena M. Reese

The Line Between Ordinary and Extraordinary It is in our nature to be extraordinary. Just like a tiny acorn, we are packed with the potential for astounding greatness at the start of our lives. With the proper conditions the acorn becomes the mighty oak and with appropriate nurturing we too grow, thrive and burst forth to create an extraordinary life. Every human being, like every seed, takes form with a built-in divine code of instruction. Read More

Red Hot Beauty

by Mary Jo Matsumoto

Red Hot Beauty Forget about chocolate, what women really want on Valentine’s Day is to feel gorgeous and irresistibly sexy. Here’s a roundup of the hottest luxe beauty treatments, products and places to make you look and feel your best. Enjoy lovers! Read More

Getting the New Year Off To an Organized Start

by Dayna Brandoff

Getting the New Year Off To an Organized Start I absolutely love the beginning of a new year – there are so many possibilities – and the feeling of freshness just radiates from that first clean calendar page.  When the clock struck midnight on January 1st, I know that many of you resolved to get organized in 2011.  Here are some tips to help you get the results you want... Read More

Cultivating Nature’s Gift

by Debra J. Slover

Cultivating Nature’s Gift Many people begin the New Year with hope, anticipation, and a set of resolutions. Various studies show resolution failure rates ranging between 80-90%. These rates provide a glimpse into the struggles of human nature throughout the ages. First, I gleaned from these studies six “common sense” strategies used by those few who were successful... Read More
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