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Affluent Magazine July / August 2011

July / August 2011


Environmentally Friendly Wines: Good for the Planet, Great for the Taste Buds

by Brian Freedman

 Environmentally Friendly Wines: Good for the Planet, Great for the Taste Buds Earlier this year, I consulted on the wine program for a fantastic new restaurant in Philadelphia called Talula’s Garden. What made this project different--aside from having the chance to work with my friend Aimee Olexy, one of the great visionaries of the American restaurant scene, a latter-day Alice Waters--was the fact that Aimee wanted the entire list to be comprised of wines that were environmentally friendly. Read More

Getting Organized to Get Away

by Dayna Brandoff

Getting Organized to Get Away Summertime has me thinking about weekends away.  But before you get to your destination of choice, it’s easy to stress about the getting there.  It’s not just the packing, it’s the feeling that you’ve forgotten to take care of something around the house.  Let's put your mind at ease... Read More

Whole Life Success

by Rena M. Reese

Whole Life Success Success is a term open to wide and varied interpretation. While each of us describes “success” in terms of our personal barometer of satisfaction, the traits that yield success are steadfast and true for all of us. Whether success is feeding your family from your backyard plot of organically farmed land, running a multi-million dollar company, or simply celebrating that your puppy has been trained to do his business outside, success requires something from us. Read More

Three Winning Strategies for Fighting the Battle of the Bulge

by Dianne Orwig

Three Winning Strategies for Fighting the Battle of the Bulge Why is it that we can flounder for months, pondering the possibility of getting back into shape, but the moment we decide to finally take aim at our bulging backsides, we automatically go into combat mode? Walk into any gym in the United State and you’ll see what I mean. Everywhere you look you’ll find otherwise sensible people doing things so crazy they’d be outlawed in most POW camps. Read More

Why I Eat These Foods…And Often!

by Susan Burke March

Why I Eat These Foods…And Often! I always say that there’s no single food that will cure you…or kill you. Yes, there are groups of foods that when eaten regularly are known to help keep you healthy…think colorful fruits and vegetables, whole grains and fatty fish. Other foods, when eaten regularly are known to contribute to heart disease and obesity…think fatty meats, sugary soda, deep-fried fast food. Read More

A Missed Chance

by Sandy Dumont

A Missed Chance The way you look and dress announces the outcome other people can expect from you. If you don’t make the effort to update your image, you’re playing Wardrobe Roulette® with your image. You may invest time and money enhancing your credentials but forget to update your image. However, if your resume and your image aren’t on a par, it sheds doubt about your credentials. A dated appearance, unfortunately, suggests dated products or services. Read More

Your Mind Can Either Heal or Harm Your Body

by Debbie Mandel

 Your Mind Can Either Heal or Harm Your Body The placebo effect proves the power of mind.  It reminds me of summer. On the one hand summer time and the living, is easy with lush flowers and ocean breezes. On the other hand, many people want to beat the heat.  I suggest that we learn to get along with nature, reset our natural rhythm. Similarly, if you believe in a “magical” pill or treatment, most of the time you will improve. However, you might be surprised to learn that the contrasting dark side is also true, referred to as the nocebo response. Read More

Relationship Rules

by Joy Weaver

Relationship Rules Life is about relationships and the rest is just details. There are basic common sense rules that are not so common anymore. It doesn’t take much to rise to the top in a culture where we are more technologically savvy than we are socially savvy. If we can incorporate the following rules into our everyday lives this world would be a much kinder, more polished place to live. Read More

Compassion in Fashion on a Fur-Free Path

by P.J. Smith

Compassion in Fashion on a Fur-Free Path When senior fashion student Lizette Avineri saw a presentation by The Humane Society of the United States at the Parsons New School for Design, right away she wanted to cut out the cruelty of the fur industry and stitch together the amazing alternatives available. Read More

Cookbooks Uncovered: Get Inspired In the Kitchen

by Tony Conway

Cookbooks Uncovered: Get Inspired In the Kitchen If you are looking to host the perfect dinner party or throw a summer soiree during the final months of the season, designing the perfect party for your guests is as easy as diving head first into a cookbook.  Be it a throwback theme with vintage cocktails or modern day poolside dinner, let the memories begin with a cookbook that is legendary.  Read More
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