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Affluent Magazine Sept / Oct 2011

Sept / Oct 2011


The Past Is Always Present, So Make It Work For You

by Debbie Mandel

The Past Is Always Present, So Make It Work For You Let your past work for you. Memories are powerful teachers, lessons of the past making you wiser - experiences to recall like precedents. Also, they can be comforting like a favorite old story to be retold or an old movie to be seen again.  Ultimately, when you reflect on the past, you might finally unlock a pattern which has undermined your true potential or interfered with your relationship dynamic.  Self-awareness inevitably brings about change. Read More

Outdoor Designs with Flare: Belgard Hardscapes

by Madison Freeman

Outdoor Designs with Flare: Belgard Hardscapes As the blazing heat of summer begins to retreat, and the leaves begin to rustle, outdoor entertaining returns to the forefront of the mind. Whether a cocktail party or a sports viewing event, nothing provides a dramatic and inviting backdrop for an intimate outdoor gathering like the warmth of a fire. Read More

Fishing Lodge Cap Cana: A Luxurious New Dominican Resort Free From Traditional Boundaries

by Madison Freeman

 Fishing Lodge Cap Cana: A Luxurious New Dominican Resort Free From Traditional Boundaries This fall, one of the most exciting resort developments in decades will open on the eastern tip of the Dominican Republic. Named for the Caribbean’s largest inland marina which the resort surrounds, Fishing Lodge Cap Cana is located within a masterfully designed village only 10 minutes from Punta Cana International Airport – which is served by 38 airlines offering flights from 100 cities around the world. Crafted around an engineered waterfront marvel, the destination achieves its architectural communal vision through the creative use of Mediterranean-inspired plazas, streetscapes and distinct accommodation styles. Read More

Spirited Selections: Three Standout Spirits for the Discerning Connoisseur

by Brian Freedman

Spirited Selections: Three Standout Spirits for the Discerning Connoisseur This past summer, I launched my new blog, The Food, Drink & Travel Report, in order to provide a daily forum for my notes and stories on everything from restaurants, recipes and travel to spirits, beer and, of course, the wine that still forms the backbone of my work. So for this month’s column, instead of covering a wine-specific topic of interest, I thought I’d focus instead on the top spirits I’ve tasted recently--there have been some remarkable bottles. Read More

Pet Peeves and Common Courtesies

by Joy Weaver

Pet Peeves and Common Courtesies Affluent Magazine readers are wonderfully responsive, which makes it great fun to write articles and connect with you. Several months ago I suggested readers email me your pet peeves and also your common courtesies. The response was overwhelming! A very sincere thank-you for sharing. Guess what? We share many of the same social annoyances, and of course they are all very basic social skills.  Also, I was thrilled to see the politeness you display on a regular basis – not because others are nice to you, but because you are genuinely kind. Read More

The Art of Listening

by Jeffrey Gitterman

The Art of Listening Have you ever noticed that the words listen and silent are spelled with the same letters?  Perhaps this is no accident, because in many ways, they mean the same thing.  Have you ever talked to someone and walked away feeling enriched because they were such a good listener, even if they were a complete stranger?  This talent is what accounts for some of the best psychologists in the world—and some of the best salespeople.  Interestingly, the ability to listen is also the trait most people refer to in a great relationship partner or leader.  Read More

The Saturation of the Seeker

by Rena M. Reese

The Saturation of the Seeker It is not an exaggeration to say that each of us is on a quest for something. It is human nature to have our eyes fixed on our next professional or personal event, life goal, or life transition.  If we are actively engaged in navigating our way to our place of greatest peace, contribution, health and success, this quest can permeate each moment of our waking hours—and perhaps even a few of our sleeping ones too. Read More

Relocating? Make Your Move Stress Free!

by Dayna Brandoff

Relocating? Make Your Move Stress Free! Even though the season falls smack dab in the middle of the calendar year, autumn is a time for new beginnings.  The cooler air seems to be ushered in by a parade of school buses and moving trucks.  Maybe you’re just starting out in your very first apartment; maybe you’ve outgrown your old space and are on to bigger and better.  Whatever the case may be, I’m sure you could use a little help with the moving process.  Once you’ve found the place, here’s what you do... Read More

Composting Friendship Betrayal

by Debra J. Slover

Composting Friendship Betrayal In a friendship where there is a kind ear, and shoulder to lean on, there is a sense of safety, affinity, and acceptance. You can be yourself. You don’t have to pretend or put up a false front. The ease and comfort, give and take, mutual understanding, and respect that come from these types of friendships are what we all cherish and desire. Read More

Should You Mirror Your Prospect?

by Sandy Dumont

Should You Mirror Your Prospect? I was recently interviewed by a sales expert, and at the beginning of the conversation he was adamant that when he made cold calls he always dressed down. That is to say, he often wore a polo shirt with Bermuda shorts, because he lives in a beach city. His theory is that if you wear a tie and carry a clipboard or briefcase, you’ll look like a salesman and you won’t stand a chance of getting your foot in the door. Read More
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