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Affluent Magazine Nov / Dec 2011

Nov / Dec 2011


Be Fabulous at Heart This Holiday Season!

by Joy Weaver

Be Fabulous at Heart This Holiday Season! Want to have a fabulous holiday season this year? Try having exceptional manners from the heart! Good manners come in many forms; they start in the heart of the giver and end in the life of the recipient forever. From the smallest gesture to the most elaborate plan we can light a manners flame that ignites into the spreading of a kindness wildfire. Read More

It’s Not a Likely Story, Cinderella

by Sandy Dumont

It’s Not a Likely Story, Cinderella Liza Doolittle, Cinderella and Pretty Woman. What do these three fictitious characters have in common? They all transformed the way they looked and changed their lives. You may recall that Cinderella was transformed in the twinkling of an eye by her Fairy Godmother; and Julia Roberts’ character in the film Pretty Woman was transformed in one day, thanks to the credit cards of her benefactor at the most exclusive shops on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. Read More

Get Organized for a Festive Meal

by Dayna Brandoff

Get Organized for a Festive Meal It’s November.  You’re juggling end-of-year budget meetings, vacation plans and holiday gift lists. With all the other responsibilities you have to contend with this time of year, the thought of preparing the Thanksgiving meal can be overwhelming. It’s helpful to treat this holiday like any other project and to combat the stress by getting all those to-dos down on paper and asking for help when you need it. Chances are, if you’re cooking this type of meal, you know about it well in advance, which is fortunate, because the key is planning ahead and sharing the work.  Following is a list, which will help you get organized for the most wonderful time of the year. Read More

Inspiring Awe

by Rena M. Reese

Inspiring Awe Familiarity with the awesome components of life can dull our sense of awe.  This familiarity can mute the remarkable nature of that which we experience regularly.  As defined, awe is a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder. Perhaps we take for granted and do not offer respect to that which has become commonplace in our lives. Awe requires conscious recognition. That consciousness is what defines our human experience.  Awe requires that we notice all that is around us and how terrifically unlikely any of it is to exist—and to see how everything is a masterpiece.  It has been said that once you can find awe when looking upon anything, you can find awe in absolutely everything.  Read More

The Power of Intuition

by Andrew Appel

The Power of Intuition “The problems of the world will not be solved at the same level of thinking that created them.”- Albert Einstein. Of all of Einstein’s famous quotes, this is one of my favorites.  Coming from arguably one of the smartest people in the world, I think it takes great courage to admit that there are certain limitations to thinking, logic and all the other gifts our minds have to offer. Personally, I find it very hard to reconcile the continued sufferings of the world with the ongoing material improvements and achievements of the last few centuries. Despite these achievements, the problems we face today seem in many ways more difficult and challenging than they did even a decade ago. Read More

Don’t Let the Holidays Wreck Havoc on Your Waistline

by Dianne Orwig

Don’t Let the Holidays Wreck Havoc on Your Waistline Here it comes…that lovely time of year we call The Holidays.  Johnny Mathis sang, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” but, when it comes to staying healthy and fit, the holidays can be one of the most inhospitable times of the year. Shopping, chores, decorating, food temptations, stress, even the cooler weather all contribute to an overload on your routine and energy until, before you know it, you’re saying goodbye to last year and hello to 6 extra pounds, 3 extra inches around your waist, and a closet full of clothes that barely fit. Read More

Cookbooks Uncovered: Get Inspired This Holiday Season In the Kitchen

by Tony Conway

Cookbooks Uncovered: Get Inspired This Holiday Season In the Kitchen On your mark, get set, bake!  Fall is the perfect time to whip up delectable desserts for any type of occasion.  From a festive fall feast to a back to school bake sale or an autumn special occasion, mouth-watering sweet treats can add a fall flavored flair with a touch of fun. The seasonal colors and tastes of fall will sweeten up any event.  Send your guests home feeling happy and satisfied thanks to your sugary “sweet tooth” delights. If you’re thinking, “How can I make desserts as amazing as what I see at Hollywood parties?” The answer to that is simple. Look no further than a cookbook all about baking. Read More

The Difference Between Ending and Concluding A Presentation

by Joseph Sommerville, Ph.D.

The Difference Between Ending and Concluding A Presentation Have you ever heard a speaker end a presentation by “telegraphing” the close with a phrase such as “Thank you” or “That concludes my presentation”? Speakers who rely on such phrases to trigger audience applause are like the driver who stops not because he’s reached his destination, but because he’s run out of gas or reached a roadblock. Effective presentations don’t simply end—they conclude. Unlike a mere ending, an effective conclusion accomplishes three specific goals: intellectual reinforcement, psychological closure and a behavioral roadmap. Read More

Poolscapes in the Lap of Modern Luxury

by Madison Freeman

Poolscapes in the Lap of Modern Luxury With shorter days, colder nights, and frost on the ground, it’s seems odd to think about a swimming pool as anything other than a large, attractive water feature at this point in time. Poolside soirees and lazy, sun-soaked afternoons seem a distant memory. However, designing the perfect luxury poolscape, lining up contractors, and the actual installation itself can all take months to complete. In order to have everything in place for that first warm day of spring, now is exactly the time to think about building or renovating a swimming pool. Read More

Bridging the Remodel Gap

by Pam Dawson

Bridging the Remodel Gap You finally found it.  Your dream home…well almost.  A few changes here and there and it will be a dream come true.  When those modifications involve a number of contractors and trades people all working around and in conjunction with each other, the dream can become overshadowed by the complexities and challenges of a construction project. Imagine if there was an effective method to bridge the gap between your remodeling dreams and the construction realities of timelines, budgets, schedules, permits and architectural considerations. Read More
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