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Affluent Magazine Jan / Feb 2012

Jan / Feb 2012


Nutrition 2011: The Trends & The Truth!

by Susan Burke March

Nutrition 2011: The Trends & The Truth! In 2011 Americans had more options to choose healthy foods than ever!  Some top trends were spotted—some healthy, and some hype. The Un-Diet: Everything in Moderation. Trendy: Last year the trend was away from “dieting” to “eating in moderation”.  Moderation formerly meant “occasionally”, which can be a set-up for failure.  The kinds of foods you eat daily (your diet) gives you balance. Read More

An Awakened American

by Dino Laudati

An Awakened American As Americans, we’ve reached a point in our Country’s history where we find ourselves playing the blame game. One side blames the other, and vice versa, without anyone on either side getting to know the facts. A story always has three sides - yours, mine and the truth. Obviously, these days opinions have come to have more value than facts. It is because of this that we don’t act as friendly Americans anymore, but rather as enemies. Read More

Uproot Bullying by Planting the Seeds of Children’s Unique Leadership

by Debra J. Slover

Uproot Bullying by Planting the Seeds of Children’s Unique Leadership Children are born to reach a unique destiny. Each child deserves to be nurtured and empowered to achieve their full potential. Yet, the environment in which children grow and learn is not always fertile ground for them to flourish and there is a prolific weed in our societal garden which will stunt their growth. Read More

Turtle Island: Paradise Found

by Madison Freeman

Turtle Island: Paradise Found Turtle Island, the exclusive Fijian island is dubbed in luxury travel guides like Condé Nast Traveler as “hyper-romantic,” as it caters mainly to a couples only clientele (more than 50 percent of guests are honeymooners). Perhaps it is the island’s ability to offer the perfect blend of luxury and privacy that has attracted a plethora of celebrity names including Charlize Theron, Dennis Quaid, Ringo Starr, and Rob Lowe. Read More

Summer Lodge: One of England's Finest Country House Hotels

by Madison Freeman

Summer Lodge: One of England's Finest Country House Hotels  If you have been nostalgic for the charming days of old, a time of narrow winding lanes and ivy-clad cottages, a time when the entire community consisted of not much more than a church, a post-office, and an Inn, your search is over. The delightful town of Evershot, in County Dorset, is the spot for you. And if you are looking for the most amazing dining experience on the English Channel coast, then you most certainly want to stay in Summer Lodge Country House Hotel, Restaurant and Spa, located in this idyllic village. Read More

The Old Government House: Traditional Charm and Unrivalled Service

by Madison Freeman

The Old Government House: Traditional Charm and Unrivalled Service When thinking about your dream destinations, the Channel Islands may not be the first place that pops into your mind, but once you’ve been there, I guarantee it will be at the top of your list for a return vacation. Guernsey is the most well-known of the islands, made even more so recently due to the popularity of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, and the place to stay on this stunning British island is The Old Government House Hotel and Spa. Read More

Valentine Beauty

by Mary Jo Matsumoto

Valentine Beauty The magical season of romance is upon us and I’m excited to share the best of luxury beauty with you!Soothing, romantic, sparkling, the Rosa Mundi candle is designed to celebrate the multiple aromas of the rose in its natural state as it blossoms over time. To make this candle an exceptional gift, the white lacquered glass is in the famous oval shape, but on this occasion is enveloped in an armful of pale pink roses with velvety petals and delicate foliage traced in black ink. It will look delightful in your lounge, bedroom or bathroom! Read More

Socially Savvy

by Joy Weaver

Socially Savvy How can I be socially savvy? Can anyone have class or good manners? These are frequently asked questions. The answer is: It’s a matter of the heart and common sense. When the two come together something wonderful happens. The rules of etiquette are learned, and good manners come from the heart. Read More

Seven Deadly Image Sins of Women

by Sandy Dumont

Seven Deadly Image Sins of Women They seem so trivial – not deadly at all. But when it comes to image, the devil is in the details. Don’t let those little details undermine your image without your knowing it. Many a product has been destroyed by bad packaging, so make sure your brand is classy and stands out from the crowd.  Here are the seven deadly image sins that kill your credibility in a professional setting. Read More

Cookbooks Uncovered: Get Inspired In the Kitchen

by Tony Conway

Cookbooks Uncovered: Get Inspired In the Kitchen Some things last forever, like the memory of a great recipe. With cookbooks publication and sales constantly on the rise, cooking shows are more prominent than ever and the classic cookbook has taken a host of twists.  Yes, cooking is definitely a hot topic. One trend we are seeing more and more is the added touch of personality to cookbooks – more intimate recipes, family photos and even personal stories. Just because the format of the cookbook is seeing an update, however, does not mean the main ingredients have not stayed the same – some of the recipes are more timeless than ever. Read More
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