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Affluent Magazine Jan / Feb 2012

Jan / Feb 2012


Seven Deadly Image Sins of Women

by Sandy Dumont

Seven Deadly Image Sins of Women They seem so trivial – not deadly at all. But when it comes to image, the devil is in the details. Don’t let those little details undermine your image without your knowing it. Many a product has been destroyed by bad packaging, so make sure your brand is classy and stands out from the crowd.  Here are the seven deadly image sins that kill your credibility in a professional setting. Read More

Cookbooks Uncovered: Get Inspired In the Kitchen

by Tony Conway

Cookbooks Uncovered: Get Inspired In the Kitchen Some things last forever, like the memory of a great recipe. With cookbooks publication and sales constantly on the rise, cooking shows are more prominent than ever and the classic cookbook has taken a host of twists.  Yes, cooking is definitely a hot topic. One trend we are seeing more and more is the added touch of personality to cookbooks – more intimate recipes, family photos and even personal stories. Just because the format of the cookbook is seeing an update, however, does not mean the main ingredients have not stayed the same – some of the recipes are more timeless than ever. Read More

How to be Happy when the Holidays are Over

by Debbie Mandel

How to be Happy when the Holidays are Over We’re busy having so much fun during the holidays and then they’re done – too much quiet time, ordinary moments which do not distract us from internally induced stress. If you want to sustain happiness after the holidays, learn from retailers. This sounds counterintuitive and crassly materialistic, but the core principles are not. Retailers know how to generate a buzz and keep it going. Do you? Read More

De-Clutter Your Life: Discover Your Dreams

by Dianne Orwig

De-Clutter Your Life: Discover Your Dreams Clutter is something we all deal with on one level or another, whether it’s the visual clutter of a messy room, the mental clutter of inner chatter over past disappointments and pending dead lines; or the physical clutter of carrying too much body fat, which often goes unnoticed until, one day, you find yourself staring in the mirror at someone you no longer recognize. Read More

We Want You: Easy Ways to Volunteer for Animals

by Hilary Hager

We Want You: Easy Ways to Volunteer for Animals Volunteers save animals' lives. You can save animals' lives by getting involved with any number of organizations working to make the world a more humane place. You don't have to be a super hero with nerves of steel-you just have to have the time and the willingness to be a part of the solution by working on behalf of the animals who need your help. Read More

Bordeaux Retrospective: A Gathering of “Dead Guys” for Four Decades of Wine

by Brian Freedman

Bordeaux Retrospective: A Gathering of “Dead Guys” for Four Decades of Wine This past October, I had the very good fortune to attend a meeting of the tasting group to which I belong, the Dead Guys Wine Society, that featured more than four decades of great Bordeaux. What stood out to me above all else was just how brilliantly several of the less-highly-regarded vintages showed that night: Proof, once again, that the exclusive focus on only the so-called marquis years is a fool’s approach to the region.
Read More

The Fine Line of Money and Success

by Jeffrey Gitterman

The Fine Line of Money and Success Most classic success stories go something like this: “I had nothing, then discovered a new way of thinking, turned my life around and got everything I ever wanted.”   I could tell you one such story.  I went from debt and depression to everything I thought I ever wanted—in the space of about two years.  I got the money, the house, the car: the life of my dreams.  But that’s not really what this is about. Read More

Passion is Required for a Winning Culture

by Nathan Jamail

Passion is Required for a Winning Culture Passion is one of those words that many people love to use but very rarely do they actually demonstrate it themselves. It easily can be the reason for almost any person or organization’s success. Passion fuels everything good about a person or an organization, so why is it so hard to find people that are passionate about their jobs or the product or service they sell? Read More

Maserati GranTurismo Convertible Sport

by Michael Brennan

Maserati GranTurismo Convertible Sport Maserati follows a careful tradition which places a premium on building cars of proper sporting ability, timeless elegance and sense of occasion a car from Modena, Italy has within its bloodline. Critical design features have allowed the modern line of two and four-door Maseratis to gain legendary status in handling and performance, while remaining comfortable and relaxed during everyday driving. Read More
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