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Affluent Magazine Mar / Apr 2012

Mar / Apr 2012


Top Champagnes: Standout Bubblies

by Brian Freedman

Top Champagnes: Standout Bubblies When--hopefully a hundred years from now--I’m about to cross over to the great vineyard in the sky, the last thing I want passing through my mind is the sad thought that I could have consumed more Champagne. And yet, I have a sneaking suspicion that, for most Americans especially, it’s a likely outcome to a life otherwise well-lived. Read More

Sleep More – Lose More

by Diane Orwig

Sleep More – Lose More It’s hard to believe that something as sedentary as sleep is actually be one of the best, most overlooked diet aids around, but the proof has been out there for years. Findings presented during the American Thoracic Society International Conference revealed the results of one of the largest studies to track the effects of sleep habits on weight gain over time. Read More

Volunteering Lets Us Act on Our Values and Beliefs

by Julie Hauserman

Volunteering Lets Us Act on Our Values and Beliefs Hilary Hager is the director of the Volunteer Center, a new initiative at The Humane Society of the United States. Hager spoke with us in Washington, D.C., where she lives with her two rescue dogs, Stella and Kellan. Her four rescue kitties, Cheddar, Hambone, Triscuit, and Sunshine, remain with her husband in her home in Washington state. Read More

Plugging into Potential

by Rena M. Reeese

Plugging into Potential Acorns seem to offer the perfect analogy to illustrate the word "Potential".  The first person ever to hold this tiny seed could never have imagined the towering oak that would come from such a tiny package. Even the most future-minded thinker would not be able to fathom the mighty oak destined to emerge.  Favorable conditions and an optimal growth-spot is what allows that acorn to plow its massive roots deep into the soil while its sturdy trunk and branches expand toward the sky.  Read More

Presentations: From Wimpy to Wow

by Sandy Dumont

Presentations: From Wimpy to Wow Recently I attended a conference in Washington, DC where a panel of several women presented their ideas and answered questions from the audience. It was after lunch and I’d made the mistake of eating bread, which often makes me drowsy, and I came close to nodding off several times. All of the women were successful and intelligent, but most of them had voices or body language that came across as weak. Some of the women were dressed powerfully and others were not. Read More

Check Please!

by Joy Weaver

Check Please! Who picks up the bill? As an etiquette expert this is a question I receive frequently. What’s the answer? Quite simply: Consider your audience and follow this advice. A Date: The social rule is: The person who asks is the person who pays. Back in the days when men always did the asking – of course this rule was easy to follow. Now, women are not intimidated to ask and therefore a man should not be afraid to allow her to pay. Read More

Take Your Diet on Vacation

by Susan Burke March

Take Your Diet on Vacation When you hear the word “diet” do you automatically think, “weight loss”?  If you are, like so many Americans, struggling to achieve a healthy weight, then consider defining the word diet differently.  Diet is defined in the dictionary first as a noun, “the kinds of foods that a person habitually eats”, and only secondary as restrictive or weight-focused. Read More

Cookbooks Uncovered: Seasonality Is In Season – Keep It Legendary!

by Tony Conway

Cookbooks Uncovered: Seasonality Is In Season – Keep It Legendary! Spring is in the air and there is no better time than now to enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables.  The flavors are irresistible, brighter and fresher, too.  Asparagus, carrots, and strawberries are only some of the offerings Mother Nature has up her sleeve.  Next time you’re thinking about firing up that grill or cooking with flair, check out some of my latest favorite cookbooks for dining in season. Read More

What Happy Couples Do Differently

by Debbie Mandel

What Happy Couples Do Differently While vacationing in the Caribbean, I had the leisure to observe families, couples and individuals without being detected – like the fly on the wall. I wouldn’t exactly call it spying, just paying attention. When people wear scant clothing on the beach, stripped down to core behavior – without all the pretenses—you learn a great deal about human nature and most importantly your own. Read More

The Case for Quiet

by Rena M. Reese

The Case for Quiet More than a decade into the new millennium it is clear that time for silence in our daily lives is becoming more elusive.  Our easy access to technology, information and entertainment overtakes our ability to tune out, shut off, and dare I say, silence it all. You are in good company if the comfort of your smart phone ear buds has become just as important as the comfort of your shoes—if not more so. Read More
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