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Ghosts of the Siege

by Steven Abernathy

A 14-year-old soldier killed during the American Revolution comes back as a ghost to modern-day Savannah, GA when his bones are unearthed by a student and made into a decoration. This exciting novel depicts with historical accuracy the Siege of Savannah, one of the bloodiest battles of the war, while introducing readers to the most haunted city in America.

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In Our Quiet Village

by Mary Lou Chayes

Rich with details of small town life in America at the turn of the last century, this is the true   tragic tale of a German immigrant, whose suicide, and attempted murder, reverberates through several generations. Romantic, raw, cruel, and modern with the charm of an old-fashioned story, the novel is a psychological thriller set against the real world of the era.

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by S. J. Volk

The privately printed, luxurously-bound hardcover adult cartoon book by the famed '70's cartoonist "Josh". This is the uncensored limited deluxe edition. A delightful satire of wit, warmth, and wisdom. 284 zesty colorful pages refresh the mind, inspire the heart, and uplift the spirit. signed and numbered, this rare edition is a world-class collector's item and will soon be gone.

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Justice in June

by Barbara Levenson

June is the rainiest month in Miami and Fatal February’s criminal defense attorney, Mary Magruder Katz, is in the eye of the storm.  Mary must defend Judge Liz Maxwell, accused of drug involvement.  She must find Luis Corona, accused of terrorism, and solve boyfriend Carlos’s legal quagmire.  Three cases, one Mary, one torrential downpour of turmoil.  June’s forecast calls for trouble.

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The Gift

by John Truman Wolfe

McKenna doesn’t particularly like his new client, Beverly Hills playboy-banker, Jim Robbins, but the job is in LA and so is his lady love, Karen Sanchez, so he takes the gig. Things turn nasty when he finds himself involved in a case of industrial espionage that had its beginnings in the final days of the Third Reich.

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The Truth about Delilah Blue

by Tish Cohen

Living in the Hollywood Hills with her father, Delilah Blue Lovett is determined to make it as an artist. Twenty and broke, she attends art college for free by becoming a nude model, a decision that lifts the veil from her once insular world. Now her mother—who seemingly abandoned her years ago—reappears with a secret that will change everything.

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