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The Fallen

by Mark Terry

A terrorist group calling itself The Fallen Angels takes over the G8 Summit. Their first demand: release twenty detainees from Guantanamo Bay or they will execute one world leader every hour until their demands are met. Derek Stillwater, Homeland Security troubleshooter, was undercover at the Summit. Now, with the clock ticking, he has to take the battle to the terrorists.

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Unspoken Valor

by Steven Abernathy

Experience the terror of being a twenty-year-old crewman on a B-17 bomber as you do battle with enemy fighters, anti-aircraft cannons, and the body numbing cold of high altitude daylight bombing in WWII. Experience the thrill of a young man who makes the abrupt change from a farm laborer in a rural community to one who hunts Nazi spies who have infiltrated General Dwight Eisenhower's staff in London. 

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