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Beyond Success

by Jeffrey L. Gitterman

Ask those who have achieved their ultimate dream-whether it's related to career, fortune, or fame-and they will most likely tell you that something is still missing. As Jeffrey Gitterman reveals, when it comes to success and happiness, we often find more exhilaration in pursuing our goals than in attaining them.

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Just Ask Joy

by Joy Weaver

Socially Savvy is a quick reference book of “Tips and Faux Pas” in business and social situations. Including, Business Meetings Manners, Tech Etiquette, and Jetiquette; to Handling the Holidays, Dress for Success, Wedding Tips, Funeral Faux Pas, Tipping Properly, Manners for Minors, and much more. This book will help you navigate confidently in any situation.

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Rainmaking Presentations

by Joseph Sommerville

In Rainmaking Presentations, author Joe Sommerville shows professionals a marketing tool that positions them not as a salesperson, but as an advisor and an expert. Clients call it easy to understand and quick to implement. He explains a straightforward 7-step process to design, develop and deliver presentations that get professionals the business they deserve. 

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The Power of Words

by Sean Clouden

Learn the #1 secret of how to become a world-class learner that can effortlessly absorb information and immediately get results and do it faster than you EVER thought possible. The Power of Words teaches the secret used by some of history’s greatest minds—from Socrates to Einstein—to unlock their ability to learn and do anything.

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Who's Sitting on Your Nest Egg?

by Robin S. Davis

"Who’s Sitting on Your Nest Egg?” expresses the importance of utilizing a financial planner and offers 10 easy tests to choose the best one.  In order to aid everyday investors in their search for a good advisor Davis has created this simple guide to help those approaching retirement find the right planner to help pave the way toward financial independence.

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