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7 Days to a More Powerful & Magnetic Image

by Sandy Dumont

Product Details:
  • Pub. Date: January 2010
  • Publisher: North End Publishing
  • Format: Digital
  • Pages: 90

  • Paperback



Sandy Dumont's new eBook for men is here at last. In it, you’ll find revolutionary ideas – information thatisn’t available anywhere else; and information that takes the confusionout of pulling your wardrobe together. Get ready to change your image and change your life.

Whether you're a CEO or on your way to becoming one, Sandy will show you how to capture the essence of classic men's style, giving you the confidence to dress to impress – and for success. Sandy has consulted for Fortune 500 companies and their staff. She's helped politicians, celebrities and VIPs – and now she's ready to help YOU to:

* Turn heads and close deals!

* Wow others!

* Garner immediately credibility and respect!

Exclusive Information from a Renowned Expert

You mightexpect to pay hundreds of dollars for the kind of exclusive informationyou'll get from Sandy Dumont in her latest eBook for men. You'dalso have to travel to her studio in Virginia. But now, you can learn thesecrets that Sandy has shared with her clients for a fraction of the cost.

Meet the Writer


Name: Sandy Dumont

Official Website:


•  30 years experience working with Fortune 500 companies (Rolex, Porsche, Bank of America, NY Life, American Express Financial Services, Association of Government Contractors, Association of Realtors, Financial Services Association, Mitre Corporation,  Goodman & Company, Honeywell, Sheraton Hotels, Lancôme, Yves St. Laurent Cosmetics, International
•  Leader in the field of color and image
•  Pioneer in the field of image psychology and impression strategies
•  Former high-fashion runway and photo model
•  Lectures and coaches throughout the US, Europe and Asia
•  Recognized as a leader in impression strategies and image development
•  Unique background in fashion education, art and psychology
o  Graduate of John Robert Powers Fashion & Finishing School, Washington, DC
o  Former faculty member of The Barbizon (fashion) School, Washington, DC
o  Former faculty member of Management Center Europe, Brussels, Belgium
o  Certificate from The Institute for Deep Therapy, Denmark & Belgium
o  Lifelong art student
•  Founding member of the Professional Speakers Association of England
•  Member, National Speakers Association, and a speaker at their yearly convention in July, 2006
•  Immediate Past President,  Virginia Chapter, National Speakers Association
•  President, National Association Women Business Owners, SE Virginia Chapter
•  Board Member, Norfolk Chamber of Commerce
•  Small Business of Year Rising Star award, Chamber of Commerce
•  Recipient of  Women of Distinction Award, December 2009
•  Weekly radio show host in Belgium
•  Presented workshops to Girl Scout troops for 15 years
•  Credentialed in Assertiveness Training
•  Image consultant for the Belgian State Television (BRT - Belgian Radio & Television)
•  Image consultant for TV Brussels
•  Author of five e-books on subject of Image
•  Produced series of “Impression Strategies” DVDs
•  Monthly columnist for numerous publications in Virginia, Palm Beach, Florida
•  Publishes a monthly e-Newsletter
•  Featured regularly on radio, TV and in print
•  Quoted regularly in the press as an image expert (Money Magazine, Wall Street Journal, US News & World Report, Forbes, NY Times, LA Times, CBS, MS-NBC, Financial Times of London, etc.)
•  Other clients have included Chesapeake General Hospital, Bon Secours Hospital, Viejas Casino-San Diego, First Horizon Mortgage, US Embassy of Belgium, Bankers Online, US Navy, Army & Air Force. 

Sandy Dumont’s skill sets apply to the areas of corporate and political image, branding, risk communications, executive management media interactions, and situations of litigation. Ms. Dumont provides the necessary actions and training required in an environment where perceptions drive motivations, performance and marketplace position.


Spotlight Interview

Q & A with Sandy Dumont and Madison Freeman Editor in Chief of Affluent Magazine

1.  Why is image so important in terms of success?

The way you look and dress announces the outcome other people can expect from you. It also announces how you feel about yourself, and you’ll be treated accordingly. I discovered that at an early age.

When I was 16, I was an invisible grey mouse. I walked across the stage of my high school auditorium to perform a piano recital. From behind the stage two boys shouted, “Where’d you get that haircut, Boney Maroney?”  I winced.  My mother had cut my hair and it was a disaster; she also made my dress, a shapeless thing in a drab grey mousey color. I sat down to play and completely blanked out.  I hated the way I looked so much  I wanted to crawl in a black hole and disappear.

A year later it was graduation and my birthday, so I went shopping for a new dress. My “Guardian Angel Image Consultant” must have been sitting on my shoulder. She whispered “no” to the blah blue, the passive pink and the puny green. Then  I came upon The Red Dress. “Try it on,” she said. I did so, reluctantly.

When I looked at myself in the mirror, in that exquisite moment I could see my own self peeping through. I had found the real me. My new red dress changed the way I saw myself and felt about myself.

I scoured the pages of fashion magazines and taught myself how to do makeup; I went to a hairdresser and used my hard-earned babysitting money to get a decent haircut. And, of course, I wore red a lot. Then the most astonishing thing happened – for the first time in my life, people told me I was pretty. They saw me.

That red dress and my new-found self image gave me courage. I told my mother that I didn’t want to be a concert pianist. That was what she wanted. I wanted to paint, and so I stopped the endless piano lessons and began my life-long study of art. This study provided the technical background I used to establish a reliable and fail-proof system for color analysis.

Soon afterwards, I gathered all my expanding courage and moved to Washington, DC and enrolled in a two-year fashion school.  I became one of the top fashion models in town. Top designers and fashion coordinators shared their secrets. My life was changed forever – and I had changed profoundly. The “grey mouse” was gone forever, and in her place was a self-assured fashion model – whose signature color was, of course, red.

My life changed dramatically, and it all began with a red dress. The way you dress defines who you are not only to others, but to the person in the mirror when you leave the house each morning. When you know you look good, you feel good about yourself. Ultimately, image building is about building self esteem. I learned at age seventeen that when you change the way you look on the outside, people treat you differently. Then you change on the inside.  It’s utterly empowering to know you look good. 

2. What makes you unique as an image consultant?

I don’t tell people what to wear – I educate them so they own their image. It’s much more empowering to know you look good, or that you’re dressed right for the occasion – instead of wearing what Sandy Dumont told you to wear but having a nagging feeling that it’s not really “you.”  The best feeling in the world is when you know you know!

Sometimes it takes on outsider to enable you to see your potential. In my case, my “Guardian Angel Image Consultant” whispered in my ear to try on the red dress. The truth is, there are no unattractive people; only those who haven’t  yet learned how to look attractive. You don’t need a Fairy Godmother to change your life. You can change your life, just as I did, if you take the time to educate yourself about image skills. Image skills can take you from ordinary to extraordinary. People who look extraordinary own the room when they enter it. They turn heads and close deals.

My awareness of extraordinary people came about when I was fourteen years old and our family went to Miami Beach during summer vacation. I can still see the boardwalk now and all the beautiful, elegantly-dressed, suntanned people on parade there. It was my first encounter with so many extraordinary-looking people in one place. To me, they all looked like the movie stars I had seen in magazines, and I stood there wide-eyed and enchanted.

As I look back now, I’m sure all those beautiful people on the boardwalk in Miami Beach worked hard to look good. As Cindy Crawford said, “Even I don’t wake up looking like Cindy Crawford.” When you see Cindy on the pages of a fashion magazine, she has taken the time to make herself look extraordinary. It’s what we expect, and to do anything less would be unprofessional.

A true professional in any field knows that he or she must meet the demands of others in order to be successful. When you feel good about who you are and what you do, you want to shout it to the world. If you are extraordinary, you need to look extraordinary!

That’s where my unique skill sets come in, including years of studying psychology. It enables me to help clients unpeel layers of habit and a myriad of outside influences until they, too, get a glimpse of the Real Self that has been waiting to emerge. From there on, a unique Signature Image emerges and self esteem soars.

Change of any kind is a process, and this is particularly true with image changes. It can be frightening to “discard” the self in the mirror we’ve known for so long. Those eyebrows don’t look funny to us, nor does that familiar hairstyle from way back when.  The best example of this is Donald Trump. You’d think he knew his hair was ridiculous and that his choice of colors was awful. You don’t know what you don’t know – plus it’s impossible to be objective about yourself! Furthermore.

3. What are the biggest image mistakes made by men?

The number one mistake men make is wearing a tie that matches the suit. For example, wearing a blue tie with a navy blue suit -  or shirt, for that matter. A man’s tie is the only place he can set himself apart from others and make a statement about himself. Otherwise, most men look pretty much the same in their dark suits and business shirts.

The tie must dominate, so it needs to make contrast with your suit, not match it perfectly. With a blue suit for example, red ties of any shade look wonderful, and so do yellow ones. Try new shades like deep magenta and raspberry. And don’t forget, your tie must end at the belt buckle. Ties that are too short look comical; long ties can appear suggestive.

Also, choose tie patterns that are small and discreet, like Old Money. Wild abstract  patterns, gaudy colors and cartoon motifs look less refined and will diminish your credibility immediately.

Lastly, resist “fashion” looks. For example, a perfectly matched  purple shirt and tie – or green, or blue, or pink. We adore “matchy matchy” but these getups won’t get you in the winner’s circle.

A client of mine learned that the hard way. For years he had been hoping to be promoted from the sales department to fund raising. Apparently he had a nagging feeling about his appearance and came for a workshop. I noticed that he arrived wearing a green shirt with a matching green –patterned tie.  His entire wardrobe consisted of matching shirts and tie sets.  In corporate workshops when I show photos of men in this kind of “fashion” look, everyone votes that the man is a McDonald’s manager rather than a sales manager. When I show the same man in a white shirt and red power tie, they all “ooh and ah” and tell me he looks like a CEO. 

'I reported this to my client and he said without a moment’s hesitation, “So long, it’s been good to know you,” as he waved at himself in the mirror with his green shirt and green tie. He had no regrets about ditching his “fashion” look and replacing it with a “board room” look, because it paid off handsomely. Within a few weeks he got the promotion he had longed for.


“I purchased your book for men and it certainly opened my eyes. After a wardrobe retool, I now routinely get compliments. Knowing what I know now, I’m aghast at what most people wear. Thank you again for all that you do for us fashion challenged people!”

-Chris Stewart, Vice President, Client Relations & Business Development
Top Guard Security

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