Leviev presents one of the greatest selections of high-quality diamonds in the world in a wide range of jewelry designs. Despite its variety, the emphasis is on the largest, highest quality stones, and exceptionally rare colored diamonds.

The source of the company’s unrivaled stone collection is its high-profile owner, Lev Leviev, the Israeli business tycoon whose company Leviev Group of Companies has vast interests in international real estate, high-tech, fashion, tourism, communication and energy. Since 1995, Leviev has acquired interest in mines in Angola, Russia, Namibia and South America among other locations, and the best of the crop is reserved for his two stores.

Unlike most diamond retailers and manufacturers who rely on numerous sometimes unpredictable sources for their inventory, Leviev can supply his boutiques with a seemingly endless supply of high quality stones that are mined, cut and polished by the vertically-integrated company. In addition to mines, Leviev is the world’s largest diamond cutter and polisher with more than 12,000 employees worldwide.

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