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Bringing history, royalty and high society to mind the Isabella table by Brunswick Billiards is the most elegant and sophisticated table in generations. Inspired by European royalty, this table represents the finest in high-end billiard tables from the most legendary name in the industry.

The Isabella table was inspired by Isabella of France, wife of King Edward II of England, who was known for her exquisite beauty. The Isabella table features delicate elements, such as rare rosewood and Karelian birch with solid American cherry rails, abalone – the pearly interior lining of shells – with mother-of-pearl diamond shaped rail sights, and stainless steel inlays which adorn the rails, aprons and leg pedestals. The table stands secure on sculptured stainless steel footings for added elegance.
The most captivating feature of the table is the rare blue lapis stone, a deep blue semi-precious stone with golden inclusions that shimmer and change in appearance with the direction of the light.  Most commonly found in the Middle East, blue lapis was frequently used as jewelry and makeup by Predynastic Egyptians, including Cleopatra who used the rare stone for eye shadow. Lapis takes an excellent polish and is found in jewelry, mosaics, ornaments, and it has even been used to decorate the walls and columns of palaces.
The nine-foot Isabella table retails for $39,999.

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