Philip Stein

Founded in 2002, Philip Stein has brought an innovative outlook to the world of luxury products. By integrating natural frequency-based technology in its extensive collection of watches and wine wands, Philip Stein® has succeeded in combining the principles of overall wellbeing—that is: mind, body and soul—with a distinctive collection of luxury products that are recognized internationally.

Owners Will and Rina Stein realize the power of naturally occurring frequencies when they are embedded on solid-state materials. With this knowledge they have consistently sought to create products that were not only luxurious but also simultaneously improved one’s overall well-being. Thanks to their willingness to work as one and their firm belief in their products’ beneficial attributes, Philip Stein® at its inception marked the first time in history that frequency-based technology had been incorporated in a luxury watch brand, followed recently by the release of both their Swiss Made watch collection "Prestige" and the ever popular "Wine Wand."

Currently sold in over 25 countries, Philip Stein® is a dream that Will and Rina have been able to realize. Working together as one, and with 7 happy children, this story adds a new chapter everyday. Their vision for this magnificent journey—and their message of responsible luxury and wellbeing—is to share it with millions of people worldwide.

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Philip Stein

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