Kagedo Japanese Art

Since its founding in 1983 Kagedo Japanese Art has been the premier resource for collectors of the arts of Japan. Serving institutions and collectors worldwide, Kagedo Japanese Art specializes in a broad range of fine quality Japanese art.

Owners, Jeffery Cline and William Knospe have over twenty five years experience in the field of Japanese Art and are the authors of five award winning publications on Japanese Art. Mr. Cline has been a member of the vetting committee for Japanese Art at the prestigious International Asian Art Fair since its inception in 1996 and has lectured extensively on Japanese Art both in the United States and Japan as well as working closely as a consultant.

Clients include major museums as well as important collectors worldwide. Kagedo Japanese Art has been instrumental in forming some of the world’s most important collections of Japanese Meiji Art, Art Deco and Modernism, Basketry and Paintings.

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