Chocolate Blossom Bakery

Each cake is designed specifically for your celebration - flowers and fantastical animals are hand sculpted from the finest white and dark Chocolates.

Organic and natural ingredients are used to create custom flavours and combinations.

Mary Fitzgerald, a florist and sculptor began Chocolate Blossom Cakes.

Studying ceramics and Ikebana in Japan and then teaching pottery at Togei Kyoshitsu after returning to NYC, Mary then began creating Florals for Weddings at such locations as the Pierre, Marriott, the Puck building.

Combining those two passions and the love of chocolate and cake Mary studied the craft at courses at ICE and CIA and began Chocolate Blossom Cakes.

Please contact us to schedule a consultation by calling (212) 414-5856 or emailing

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Chocolate Blossom Bakery
105 W 28th St
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Contact: Mary Fitzgerald
Title: Proprietor
Tel: 212-414-5856