Carlisle Wide Plank Floors

Over 40 years ago, Carlisle was founded upon the idea that the incredibly beautiful wood floors crafted by our forefathers, were no longer available to the homeowner, who sought something more then a floor off a shelf.  The incredibly long, wide boards that defined the original floors were not even being sawn anymore as traditional sawyers had changed their production mentality to a commodity style of manufacturing.  We became committed to reinvigorating the quickly dying art of hand crafted wood floors and the first step, at the time, was to develop relationships that allowed us obtain the quality lumber we needed to recreate the beautiful simplicity in America’s original homes.  Dedicated to what we consider an art, we eventually found a few unique sawyers, who also understood what it meant to “respect the timber”.  These were people who felt the beauty of the tree was important to maintain in the floors, people who had learned about wood for generations and knew what was critical in creating a stable plank, people who were willing to sacrifice “efficiency” for quality.

Today, the woods we use to craft our floors have expanded greatly.  From the humble beginning of Old Growth Eastern White Pine, we have expanded into a variety of hardwoods, as well as Antique Woods.  The wood we use to craft our floors is provided by a very small group of dedicated sawyers.  We craft each floor one at a time in New Hampshire and our goal is still the same; to make the most beautiful wood floors available.

We have not always offered hardwood floors, as originally these floors were only for actual historic homes or reproduction colonial era homes.  This type of architecture predicated the use of pine floors.  However, over the years Carlisle had more and more customer request floors for other applications.  From Contemporary to Craftsman, Tuscan to French Country, Transitional to Victorian, people kept asking for Carlisle to craft a floor for them.  Often these design needs could not be met by using pine so we began to look for hardwood sawyers that held the same standards as the pine sawyers we had worked with for decades.  Today, Carlisle sources each of their species from one or two specific sawyers that focus on that particular wood.

At Carlisle Wide Plank Floors our end product is more than just a floor. It’s a true representation of traditional folk art, lovingly crafted and destined to become a treasured family heirloom. We take a personal interest in each of our customer’s lifestyles, the type of home they live in, and the kind of look they have in mind. Then we focus our efforts on building a beautiful, customized floor built just for them.

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