Chaos Theory Inc.

At Chaos Theory Inc., we understand organization doesn't always come naturally -- sometimes it needs a little nurturing. No matter what the challenge, we are dedicated to creating the space you want and helping you acquire the skills you need to keep it that way.

Dayna Brandoff has long found peace of mind in an organized life. She founded Chaos Theory Inc. to help others do the same. As a professional organizer, Dayna brings her love of order to her client base, and helps them rid the chaos from their lives.

Whether you need to make your space work more efficiently or you need help coordinating a special project, Chaos Theory Inc. offers a wide range of services to help you get your life organized.

Chaos Theory Inc. specializes in: When looking to hire a Professional Organizer, people often ask, “How does it work?” Chaos Theory Inc. approaches each unique situation in the following way:

Step 1:  Complimentary 1-hour consultation to assess the client’s objectives, organizational concerns and physical space
Step 2:  Develop an action plan based on client priorities, timeframe and budget
Step 3: Research range of solutions to meet client needs
Step 4:  Get to work!  Together we’ll create an organized environment that works the way you do

Chaos Theory Inc. operates in the New York Tri-state area. If you require our services elsewhere, rest assured that we’ve traveled as far as California, Florida and Idaho to meet our clients’ needs.

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