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Giorgio Armani

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Giorgio Armani Montenapoleone

Celebrated fashion icon and designer, Giorgio Armani recently unveiled his newest collection of beautifully elegant writing accessories, handcrafted by the skilled artisans of venerable Italian pen designer Aquila Brands. The Montenapoleone Collection of Giorgio Armani pens and pencils is the perfect envisage of everything the Giorgio Armani Brand emanates in the minds of its admirers: absolute perfection in style and design.

The Giorgio Armani Montenapoleone writing collection is named after Via Montenapoleone, one of the world’s most famous streets in the fashion world and the center of Milanese style that has a special resonance with those familiar with Milan’s celebrated Fashion District. Beautiful and vibrant, Via Montenapoleone also serves as residence to the global flagship Giorgio Armani boutique, the heart of the fashion icon’s illustrious empire. Known for setting trends in fashion and design since his beginnings, Giorgio Armani has set fashion standards for quality and style throughout the world making Montenapoleone one of the epicenters of high fashion. The new Giorgio Armani Montenapoleone Collection of writing instruments exemplifies Giorgio Armani in every aspect of the brand’s illustrious existence.

Using both an old world commitment to quality and hand crafted design join the process with the latest in engineering technology, the Giorgio Armani Montenapoleone Collection of fine writing instruments utilizes some of the world’s finest materials and design techniques available in pen artisanship. Each piece of the collection is skillfully crafted from a rod of pure resin and then finely turned by hand followed by exquisite styling with Giorgio Armani’s own name delicately etched on the clip and ring of the barrel of each pen.

Each stage of the assembly is critical in ensuring the impeccable quality and design standards are met that both Giorgio Armani and Aquila Brands demand in each new design. Every writing instrument is handcrafted in Italy by a skilled artisan who diligently applies a special diamond paste to the entirety of each barrel before the final hand polish to achieve a brilliant, luminous surface imbued with a magnificent tactile feel for each one of its owners to enjoy while writing.

The same commitment to excellence is applied to the design which is evident in the production of the metal components of each Giorgio Armani Montenapoleone Collection writing piece. Both the gold and the chrome additions are turned on a special lathe and given an electro-plating finish, for a striking end product. Additional attention is also paid to the ogee arch of the clip which also involves an extensive process of outlining the shape of the metal with special shears, before carefully folding and minting it to guarantee both strength and flexibility.

To help create this spectacular series of pens, Giorgio Armani has once again recruited the support of heralded Italian pen maker Aquila Brands.

With long tradition in the pen industry, Aquila Brands has combined classical, timeless techniques with modern day engineering brilliance to create some of the world’s finest pen designs without peer. For the Giorgio Armani Montenapoleone Collection, Aquila Brands applied their well-heeled knowledge of pen craftsmanship to perfectly suit the beautiful vision of Giorgio Armani himself, a writing collection with resplendent finish and technical perfection.

The exceptional Giorgio Armani Montenapoleone Collection will be comprised of several distinctively different writing instruments presented in vibrant shades of both red and white as well as in various sophisticated shades of petrol green and black. Available in classic fountain pen, ballpoint, roller ball, and as a retractable pencil, Giorgio Armani Montenapoleone Collection pieces will be available individually at all 52 global flagship Giorgio Armani stores as well as at Aquila Brands retailers and fine jewelers nationwide.

Giorgio Armani S.p.A.
Purveyor of luxury goods, and a renowned leader in the world of fashion, Giorgio Armani designs apparel, accessories, eyewear, watches, jewelry, home furnishings, fragrances and cosmetics.

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Giorgio Armani

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